Monday, July 15, 2013

Every Nation!

Oh man I just love hearing from you guys and it sounds like you are keeping busy as this summer keeps on rolling. Thats something I have learned, as we keep ourselves busy with good things to do our minds are focus on those good things and we have a fun time doing it. That is something that really happened this week. It was full of great things and I cant believe it is already Monday again and I am sitting here writing a letter! But lets just get into things for this week. First off you might of noticed but I didnt have too much time to write. We had a zone Pday in Stuttgart as we had a little 4th of July party with grillin American hamburgers and then playing soccer. Oh man it was so good to run after a ball after so long! Fun time and actually today we are going to a zoo in Stuttgart with our District. But no worries, along with all the fun we are keeping up the work too. 

This last week my companion and I decided we wanted to focus more on members and less actives. We dont have too many investigators and so instead of spending a lot of time finding people we would spend a little more time with people we already have to work with, and then find along the way (the way it should be) And it has just been awesome to see the Lord really helping us out in this and I really think this is what is branch needs. A branch has got to be strong and united within themselves first before bringing new ones in because it could just be a burden. It is so important to bring new people into this great gospel but it is just as important to bring the ones back that have lost their connection. Wednesday was just the coolest day ever! It was a day that really proved to us that working with these less actives is something we need to focus on right now! We had 4 less active lessons on that day! Thats great because we usually dont get that many lessons in a week! What a great day though, and what is cool is that 2 of them wasnt even planned. One we had during the afternoon was a less active that lives pretty far out there and we had no number for her so we just went by and at first she didnt have much interest but after talking for a little bit she let us in! Thats actually the first time that has happened where we go by on a less active and they let us in in the moment! Its so great to be getting to know these less actives and to start a relationship with them and so this next week we are hoping to meet with them and make some progress with them! It would be awesome to get these less actives back and there are many that we can. We have about 120 members in this branch and only about 30 active members. How great it would be to bring the lost back to the fold?! 

Well something else exciting this week is we had a new family move into the ward. And guess where they are from? Spain! Oh man I wish you were here dad! They dont speak any German and only one of the 3 boys can speak English. On Saturday we helped them move into their new home. It was fun spending time with these 3 boys and becoming friends with them. It would be something else to move to a whole new country and a whole new language, knowing no one. There dad has been here for the last year or so in Germany and now moved his family here. What a blessings we have in the church be there for them and try and figure things out. How great is this church and the members of it, and im not just talking about here but everywhere! I thinks its great we have members scattered throughout the world. Just yesterday in church we had someone show up that wasnt from our ward. He was a member from Bulgaria and his car had broke down as he was driving back to France where he lived. He spoke English so it was fun to translate for him. And you could almost call our branch a international branch. We had Germans, Spainards, a Bulagarian, a Finnish, and an American!  So great that this gospel is all around the world and is spreading every day! Love you guys everyone and hope you have a great week! 

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Helping a family move from Spain to Germany

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