Monday, July 8, 2013

Rekindeling the Fire (Sparks)

Good morning family, I hope all is well back home. We had a great week here in Heilbronn! Sounds like everyone had a good 4th of July, it was a little different here and being with a Finnish it was just another day. But it was a good day, we had an appointment with one of our few investigators. His name is Herbet and it was good oh man but he sure is a little tougher. Its hard because we only meet with him every 2-3 weeks and so its hard to make progress and he is really stuck in his ways. Its not as easy as I had thought but has you make them realize the blessing of this gospel it will be the best decision of their lives! The hard part is just getting them to that point. Last night actually we were walking home and we stopped and talk with a lady and found out she is a Jehovah Witness. There are many of them over here and a lot of them know about the Mormons which is cool because not everyone does over here. It was a good talk but she was very set in her ways and didnt want to change. I am more and more understanding how much the Lord plays in their conversion. Its really all him and the Holy Ghost and we are here as instruments. We have to leave it up to the Lord to change the hearts of the people but we have to do our part too. One night we were taking the bus home and I started talking to this lady next to me asking how her day went. She seemed a little confused why I was trying to be friendly and talk to her and it didnt seem like she wanted to talk so we kept going and then a little later she asked me, "Are you a Mormon?" She then told me she knew a Mormon once and so we got going on a good conversation and it was really cool. As we do our part the Lord will do the rest. 

Something cool that has actually been happening these last couple weeks is the blessing it is to be a missionary! Just who we are on the streets and through the city. We have had a cool experiences that people have come up to us whether it be old investigators or less actives from a different area it is just the coolest to be here and to help some people make that connection. One day we were walking and a construction worker said, "hey there goes some Nephites." We were a little confused but started talking to him and found out he was a member of the church and actually served a mission here in Heilbronn but after his mission he had fallen away. Another day we were walking and someone behind us said, "You guys are still around?" It was a former investigator and good to talk to her and help her remember the times investigating the church. One other experience is we where in Ludwigsburg train station and had 10 minutes till our train so we decided to go out and see if we could talk with someone and the first person actually came up to us and said, "Hey you are the Elders" he was a less active actually from Frankfurt and so it was good to hopefully re sparked his experience. It is so wonderful to see as we do our part the Lord will not let us fall and he will lead us to those who need the help whether new or ones who have already been apart of it. We can be here to rekindle and re sparked. 

I love you all I hope you have a good week.
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Elder Jerman and Elder Lappalainen in Eppingen

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