Monday, July 1, 2013

An Exciting Time

Guten Morgen meine Familie! 
Time just doesnt seem to slow down. This week went by pretty quick which is a good sign meaning we kept busy with great things to do. To start things off on Tuesday we had a exchange with the Ludwigsburgs Edlers. I went to Ludwigsburg to work with Elder Morrill. It was great to get to know a new Elder and work with him. I love learning and working with these Elders here. So great to learn from them and see how they work. So Elder Morrill and I were off for the day and fun to figure out he is from Logan and that his sister knows the King family from Hyde Park! Dont take my word on that he was going to ask today but what a small world! We had a good time teaching two lessons with some really cool investigators. The one we taught that night was really neat, we had no time to prepare before hand. He just told me that we were teaching the 2nd half of the 1st lesson and then in we went. It hit me how important it is to be prepared for anything and how important study is! The more we study and begin to understand the more confident we are in our teaching. We also met with the Ludwigsburg Sisters that day and had a little meeting of how they are going to do things there in Ludwigsburg. Just a little background we got two more Sisters in our district this last transfer so there is 8 Missionaries in our district and both Sisters and Elders in Ludwigsburg. Even though I am not serving in Ludwigsburg it was so good to listen and to be apart of that meeting because now more than ever there are more than one set of missionaries in a area and communication is so key! Wednesday we all met up in Stuttgart for district meeting and also Interviews with our Mission President. It was great to meet with him and talk about my mission. I cant believe that I have been out as long as I have, I know its not that long but this is my mission, this is it! We talked about forgetting myself and by doing so serving and thinking about others rather than myself. And that was an answer to my prayers because lately I have been worry about changing and what I will become but as we work on strengthening Christlike Attributes and think and serve others we will be changed. Its neat that as we take care of others, the Lord will take care of us. 
So to tell you a little more on how our days go and everything thing I will shine a little more light on that subject because its been a little dim. In the mornings we exercise and get ready for the day and oh I have to tell you that just today we were able to go to this park that has a court pretty similar to the one at home that has a basketball hoop and soccer goals. They have been building it ever since I first got here and they have finally finished it and this morning we got to go there! I was so excited! So then we have studies and at 10 we go out usually to go by on a potential and do contacting along the way. Come back for lunch and language study then out again to contact and potentials to go by on or less actives. Then this past week during the evening we have met with members and had member lesson. It is so great to work with them and after this broadcast we got to see yesterday in Stuttgart about member and missionary work I am pumped to get things rolling here. I hope you have gotten to see it because it is super good and so exciting to know that this work is moving forward. One thing I got out of it was the importance of love and that it is out of love we do everything. Its an invintation of love we give to other people to come unto Christ. Love is the key! Its because of love that we act upon the promptings of the Spirit! Thanks mom for the that talk this week from Elder Uchtdorfs talk, let us all learn the language of love. 
One other quick thing this week, on Saturday we had a service project in Ludwigsburg with the ward and the city. We were at a school hauling wood chips. We had 6 or 7 wheel barrows that we would haul the wood chips up the path to this other area and then come back down to load up another from this big pile of wood chips. We were going none stop and it rained the whole time so by then end we were all drenched but it was all worth it. Every little wood chip counted and the path was tough at times including rain, mud, hills and holes but at the end it was part of a project that covered the whole area and it was a great sight. Now yes its a little weird to relate us to wood chips but its gets the point across that our part counts and we count. Let us take part in this wonderful service of the Lord! 
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Happy 4th of July! 
Liebe Grüße,
 Elder Jerman
Outstanding in a field in Schwaigern

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