Monday, July 29, 2013

GruB euch!

Liebe Familie, 
So Hot!   39 Celsius = 103 Farenheit

Greetings from Heilbronn! So great to here from you and hear all is going well back home. We are doing great here as we finish up another week in the fields of Germany! Summer has really come into full action this last week as we hit the 100s this weekend. Well at least I think it was in the 100, we hit 40 degrees Celsius and im not quite sure what that converts into but we will just say it was hot! The thing is its not just hot outside but in public transportation as well. We were in a train Saturday coming back from Stuttgart and it felt hotter in the train than it did outside. We were dripping sweat and we were just sitting there. Its pretty unusual at least that is my thinking because during the week we received a call from the Branch Presidency saying that we will only be having Sacrament Meeting at church Sunday. It gets pretty hot in the building and with no air conditioning its uncomfortable for the members to be there 3 hours. So Saturday rolls around and we were for sure feeling it but then the strange thing is Sunday morning rolls around and it had rained the night before and it was actually cooler than we had thought. We still only had one hour of church but it was nice having it cool down after a warm weekend. Church was still really great too! We had some members from Northern Germany visit and the dad had actually served here about 30 years ago and the mom had served in Finland and so Elder Lappalainen made a new friend right away! Church is always so great, we dont have many members in this branch but you can feel the love they share with one another and its neat how they take in the new, like our new Spanish Family.
We had the opportunity to visit them this week as it was one of the boys in the family birthday and so we brought him a simple card and chocolate bar. He was so grateful for it and said to us we are his best friends. It sure has to be tough for him in this new place and we can be such a big impact in his life at this time and so we are hoping to become great friends with him and his family. It was neat to meet with them and before we left we asked if there was anything we could do for them and they said to just come to our home and teach us so we dont forget. To be in a place with a new language I can see it easy to forget things of the gospel but even as normal members with busy lives we can sometime forget the basic and main principles so its great to always refresh and renew our knowledge of the gospel. 
On Saturday, I had mentioned we went to Stuttgart and what it was is we had a meeting for the District Leaders for this next transfer, I dont believe I told you last week but this next transfer I have the opportunity to be the District Leader. It will be a humbling time to be able to learn to love and serve the other missionaries. It will be a challenging task as well but what I do know is that the Lord has a great task for all of us and a way for us to be successful. Sometimes Satan can get a hold of us and put fear into our hearts and bring our weaknesses out but how great to know that we can put him behind us as we put our trust in the Lord and know he is there and willing to help us. Just last night we were talking with an older lay, she was probably in here 60s or so and we were talking about our life on earth and how we have experiences. She asked us how old we were and we responded and then she said that we couldnt be telling her that what we were saying was true, we havent lived long enough and havent had enough experiences to really know what is true. She was right, in the fact that we were young and havent lived through alot but it was so neat as I responded back with my testimony that I knew these things to be true and I felt that the Spirit was working through me and not just letting her know that but also strengthening me in what we are teaching is the truth. It would be a lot tougher as a 19 year old going around talking to people if this wasnt true but know that this is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a great time to share this message to these people both young and old! 
I love you all, und Alles Gute! 

Hey just a fun thing for maybe kay and the rest of the fam. Elder Lappalainens brother is serving a mission too in Sweden and he is actually working with Derek day! Small world! hae a great week!

Liebe Grüße, 
Elder Jerman
Elder Lap and I near a Coca Cola factory.
 Not really German, but a fun picture of us.

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