Monday, October 13, 2014

It's time!

Vienna apartment
Its great to hear from all of you personally. Thanks for taking the time and I love hearing whats going on in your lives. Much good which is great to hear! Life is good also here on the other side of the world. There is lots of good potential here as there are so many people that we meet every day and most just understand what we have to share as they move right along. That is why are special message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon is so important, I love talking to people about the Book of Mormon and more often than not you meet someone who knows about it or even if you get lucky someone who has one but unfortunately hasnt read much from it. We had a really neat experience similar to that as we were traveling back from zone conference in Salzburg. Which I must say was great, it was neat to hear from President Kohler and his vision of the mission and he concentrated on why we are here and who we really are? You have heard our goal for the end of the year and I know it is possible and the prayers of many can bring great miracles. Anyways back to our trip home from Salzburg we sat down and starting talking with this lady, we come to find out that about 2 years ago she got a Book of Mormon from missionaries on the street and she had just read the introduction and a little of the beginning. She did know quite a bit about Joseph Smith and how he received the plates but we explained more to her and it was neat to see her desire grow. She thought it to be very intriguing, and especially that it testified of Christ. She told us a little about her life and how it hasnt been the easiest and how she has found strength and hope through Christ. I felt the Spirit strong testify of Christ and his Atonement and that no matter our situation we can be healed both physically and spiritually through the power of the Atonement of Christ. As we bring others to Christ, we are blessed greatly to also come closer to Him. 
Yisel is doing well, and thanks so much for the many prayers for her and her family. They are needed and the time is here, we met with her this morning and the zone leaders came to do her baptism interview. Everything right now is looking good for Saturday but keep her in your prayers! Let the Lords will be done whatever it shall be and have trust that it is what is right and the best for everyone. We are excited though and hope it works out! Its been a great time teaching and helping her come to this understanding of the gospel and helping her gain her faith in the Restoration but its truly Him who has helped Yisel come this far and through the power of the Holy Ghost has she come to the belief that the Book of Mormon is true. We hope to further help her along her path as this is just the beginning. We learn as well though, that there are many ready to accept the gospel and to keep up on others so the work keeps going forward and doesnt stop once someone is baptized. We had a neat experience as we went by a former investigator on Tuesday who hasnt been visited in more than 10 years. We made out an appointment with her and met with her Thursday and came to find out that she had actually moved out and was away for 10 years traveling the world with a partner. He passed away about 6 months ago and she has moved back in in the last 3 months. Everything has its timing and this is the time for her, she is willing to meet with us again and see how far she gets. As she put it, but that is all we need is a desire to have an open heart and ask God. 
I love the gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ, we can all grow our love for Him as we desire to strengthen our faith and learn more about it and as we do so we do come closer to Him and learn the love he has for us. 
I love my family and hope you have a great week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

To Dad - I love you so very much and we truly are blessed as a family.  I was thinking about that this past week and that I dont have to worry about home and just focus on the work! Thanks for the love and support! 
your son,

To Mom - Life is good, its real good and I know life is good with my family and we are so blessed that we cant give enough thanks. We truly need to everyday say thanks for all we have. I am so grateful for my family and my parents. I love you all and thanks for all you do for me and also the investigators, your prays do count, I hope you know that everyone and this week is the one they count the most as Satan will be working hard on the other side but with God his power is stronger and let his will be done! 
Love your son, and brother,

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