Monday, October 27, 2014

Die Furhung

Me at the central cemetary in Vienna!!

Hello and good morning to you all. Sounds like all is well at home and so fun to hear from each one of you, thanks for taking the time to do so! I must say, things are going very well here too! Its been a great week as the work keeps moving forward, which is great especially for us as people that we can always be working to something greater no matter where we are in life. I heard from Steven in Stuttgart today, he wrote me a letter and so neat to hear from him how his experience was. He received the Aaronic Priesthood this week and is already planning on going on the temple this next weekend to do baptisms for the dead! I am thankful for a loving God who has given us a perfect plan and gospel that we can live and learn from everyday! Some new news from our side as mission life goes, we got transfer calls this past week and Elder Howarth will be leaving us here in Vienna and I will be staying! Even though he came after me, I will be staying and he will be going! I will be getting a new companion that is actually in a near by city so I know him already and it will be great to work with him, I know that already!! It has been great with Elder Howarth and I learned lots from him and his teaching, it will great to move on and keep on learning. I am very excited to be staying here in Vienna as well with this great ward, area and people! It will be neat to keep working with those from the past and see their progress and hopefully with Yisel we can start working with a good friend of hers and maybe someday with her husband! 
We are making good progress with two different investigators, Frau Sulzenbacher who is coming slowly along but coming. Her big obstacle is pray as she doesnt quite understand it but how key it is as we found out through pray the truth. There is no other way where we can find spiritual truth and we receive that as we make the effort to ask. Daniel is also making great progress, we met for the 2nd time this past week and talked about the Restoration and he accepted everything very well and didnt have many questions as he understands it. He has read lots of good things are the church website which is a great source and so he is coming along great. We hope to set a baptismal date with him this week and its so neat how the gospel works and that we are here to invite all to come unto Christ. Invitation is a big key and helps people progress, if we werent invited to do something I believe not as much would be accomplished. Sure thats of good would still happen but by invitation we are asked to do so and then use are agency to decide and see the blessings for ourselves as we live accordingly. 

Vienna Missionaries / Army of Helaman!

We had Stake Conference this weekend both on Saturday night and Sunday, so neat to see members and spend the time with them. There was lots talked about the Plan of Happiness and even as we have trials and struggles through life that we need to stay firm to the iron rod and we do so by both family and individual pray and scripture study, something we hear every week but so key to receive that comfort, strength, and guidance in our lives. That guidance and light comes from Christ and his gospel which he so clearly taught and still teaches through the prophets today. We are so blessed to hear from his words and as we daily through the multiple opportunities we will one day return to the presence of our brother and father in heaven. What a blessing it is to know who we are as well as to know who they are and how we can return to our family! Families are forever! 
I love my family so much and hope you have a great week! 
Much love,

Elder Jerman
We played volleyball for a sport night at the church

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