Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Once again another church here in Vienna! But so pretty! 
The good work keeps moving on here in Vienna. Elder Howarth left on Tuesday which is different than normal. Normally we have transfers on Thursday but this time on Tuesday and so Elder Anderson and I had the whole week together, especially since he was just coming from the town close by I went to pick him up in the morning and off we went! It was a great week and I am excited to work with him. He is from Mesa Arizona and a great worker.
On our first day we had an appointment with an investigator. His name is Richard and missionaries have worked with him in the past, he even had a baptismal date at one point of time but didnt make it and we made contact with him again and it will be good working with him and hopefully help him make it this time. 
Our other investigators are doing great and it was good to have Elder Anderson at the beginning of the week and he got to meet all of them and we are making good improvement. Daniel is doing good, we invited him to baptism, he said he knows he needs and wants to be baptized he just isnt sure where yet. He hasnt yet received an answer but we are working good with him and hope to get him involved with the YSA. Frau Sulzenbacher is coming along, slowly but surely. Unfortunately she is going on vacation and it will be a couple weeks till we meet with her again, but we left her with the commitment to keep reading and start praying daily to keep her progressing with out us there, which is possible if she has the true desire! We also met with Yisel this week as we start teaching her the new convert lessons, I learned the importance of still helping out in this progress. Baptism doesnt mean that all is done and all her worries are gone, she still needs the nourishment of the gospel to build her faith step by step. A side note on her, she wanted to thank you personally for the letter you wrote, she was so grateful for it and wanted to give all of you a hug. She was touched that people that didnt know her, could love her that much. Its neat to know we are all brothers and sisters in Gods family. 
A couple neat stories for the week is that we had planned to go by a members house and give them a thank you card for having us over earlier in the week and we came up to their house and they were outside working in the yard, we asked if we could help out and the mom was so grateful and actually had the idea that morning wishing they had asked the missionaries and then there we were! So neat to serve members and especially at an unplanned time! Yesterday at church was really great, and we had a great class about Stake conference last week and we talked about the Stake goals which one of them is praying for the missionaries by name. So neat to see the excitement of the ward and gets us excited and motivated to do all we can to get our investigators at church and bring members to lessons. They are such a big part of this work and we couldnt do anything with out each other. Then last night as we were contacting we contacted this one guy and had a good discussion but then he had no interest and we thought nothing of it. He left and we were walking in the same direction, after a while he turns around and asked us, "now what really is in the Book of Mormon?" It was perfect! We answered his question, gave testimony and then offered it to him. He took it with joy. I love that as we find we can teach restored true principles of the gospel that has the Spirit testify of them and then when people act on what they feel, its the best to see the Spirit work within and soften hearts. I love the gospel and that we can share it with everyone no matter if they accept it and this time or not. Its worth it! 
Halloween was good, did what we missionaries do best and shared the gospel but fun to see painted faces and some costume here and there throughout Vienna!
Have a great fall week! I love my family! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Elder Anderson and I at our study desk, and the decorations that we have had up the celebrate the times. If you can tell I had even saved some from last Halloween! Fun fun!

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