Monday, July 21, 2014

Start anew

I love you and so glad you had a great week at Trek and the other many activities going on. Its neat to experience what those pioneers did so many years ago. It makes it real and you can relate. A mission has many similarities to that as well of the great stories we hear in the Book of Mormon of missionaries and their hardships as well as success. I am so grateful for all the experiences that our involved in a mission and to relate to those who have made the journey and made the trial for us to follow. 
We had a great week starting back on Monday night last week we got a call from the Zone Leaders asking if we had time the next day to go to an appointment they had made out with someone who lives in our area who had called them from a pass-a-long card. The next day we had our Zone Training and then an activity with the young men and women playing baseball at the church and then headed off to this made out appointment. We kind of got lost and couldnt find the place but finally after searching for awhile we found the place and met him. We came to find out that he is actually a member from El Salvador wanting to start anew and strengthen his faith in Christ. It was a great connection right off with Elder Gomez Torio and Spanish and at the end we ask him to say a kneeling pray. It was a neat spiritual experience as this son of God has found his way back and can start anew in finding Christ. A similar experience this week going along with starting anew was on Friday night we had made out an appointment with a younger man who we had found on the street a couple weeks ago. We invited a member to come and he brought his friend and they are both returned missionaries with in the last few years and the lesson was great. We toured the church and talked about the Book of Mormon and the members did such a great job. I have learned again how important the members are in this work. Nothing can be accomplished without them, we can work as missionaries as hard as we can but not until members get involve and friendship those we come in contact with either through our efforts or members they will not progress and not stay active in the church. Anyways back to Friday night, this man also had the desire to strengthen his faith and come back to Christ. It had been a year since believing and praying to God. At the end we asked him to say the closing pray but he declined so the member did and afterwards he then asked if he could say one. He expressed his true feelings and thanked God for the opportunity once again after over a year to start anew and come to him. Also a very powerful and spiritual experience and I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and how everyone no matter member or non-member can come close to Him and his gospel as they live accordingly. 
Our investigators Jonel and Orlando are doing well. We are meeting with Jonel later tonight and hoping to help him develop his faith as he acts. Sometimes we dont understand how important and basic God has made it, that if we ask having faith (meaning acting and doing something for it) and then  trusting in him and his time he will give us the answer which we need. We receive that revelation as in acting by prayer, reading, and going to church. 3 things that can be done daily and weekly and when we dont we sometimes ask where is the help but we have to show we are doing our part as well. We are helping Orlando also understand the importance of acting. We brought a member with us this last week that was in the same religious background as him and similar situation and that helped a ton to have him relate and see it is possible but only when its our own desire. We cant force anyone just help them gain the desire and a small desire can do a lot as we work with that and have it grow. 
I am enjoying my time in Vienna and I am so grateful for a great companion who is diligent and concecrated in this work. We see many miracles and know that its Gods hand in this work. We are here to help achieve his goal to help all his children come to him no matter where they are on their path back to him. 
I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!! I love my family so much! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
 Our companionship in front of the Parlament!

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