Monday, July 14, 2014

Quick but worth it

Things are great in Vienna, I must say its quite a blessing serving here in a great city like Vienna. You meet people from around the whole world and the neat thing is that the gospel is for everyone even if they are just here for a couple days. Even if its quick it can still have an impact, even as quick as one stop on the subway. There is great public transportation in Vienna and sometimes either us or them are just going one stop but neat to talk with them. This last week we talked with this guy who we could tell was having a bad day, we didnt have time to say much but I hope as we went on it was the smile on our faces that helped him along his way. I have learned a lot about the importance of the light we have and share. I am so grateful for a great companion who loves to share that light and doesnt care who its with or who is starring or making fun. He has great faith and I learn lots from him daily and glad we can share that light together. One neat story about sharing it quick and then moving on was we had just came from an appointment and we were walking on the street and 4 young adults come walking in the other direction with beer in their hands and I was thinking this should be good. We stopped them and 3 of them just laughed and kept walking but one stopped and asked what we were doing and we had a great discussion about faith and he told us how important faith is to him in his life. It was just really good even though during it his friends were waiting for him down the road and yelling for him to come but he stayed and it was just the coolest. Found out he was just here for the weekend but that he is from Stuttgart. I loved that and told him I lived there and loved it, we told him there are also missionaries there that can meet with him so we got his number and will pass it on. So grateful that we are in this together and that it is his work not ours! 
The work in this part of the world is coming along great. We have met with our investigator Jonel, he was a former investigator and its neat how Gods time works out because he says that he now has time and has the desire to read the Book of Mormon. We hope we can help him understand and help him come closer to Christ. We met with him yesterday and it was neat as he prayed for the first time in German and a pray from the heart. He prayed for his brother in Serbia who is having a difficult time and I knew he had great faith. After the pray I had the feeling to testify and let him know of the love that God has for him and his family and that he is watching over his family. It was a very spiritual moment and humbling experience to be an instrument in Gods hands and help his children know of his love for them. We are also meeting with a less active member, he is a little older but we love going there and having him feel loved, because that is just what he needs and that is what everyone needs, that feeling of being watched out for and to know someone cares for you and loves you. 
This past week we got to get to know our new Mission President and his family. President and Sister Kohler and their two kids, they have 3 but one is on a mission in Japan. We traveled up to Salzburg (which I must say is a beautiful place) on Tuesday and had a Zone Conference with them. It was great to get to know them and it will be a little different having not just a Mission President and a mom but a whole family! They are such a great example of courage and trusting in the Lord. I know it wouldnt be a easy thing to bring your family to a whole different place. I loved as they all shared their testimonies and the example they showed of faith. If they can do it, I can do it! We all can do it because the Lord knows we can and as we trust him miracles can happen. 
I love you all and wish that you have a wonderful week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
This is at Stephan's Church, right down town in Vienna.   You come out of the subway and its right there! 

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