Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cousin, Sister Courtney King, serving in Japan, is in this "HAPPY" video

Pharrell Williams - "Happy We Are From Morioka Iwate"

What a fun clip to watch!  Sister missionaries at 3:11.

Elder Jerman's cousin, Sister Courtney King, is serving in the Japan, Sendai mission.  She came upon a festival near the train station in Morioka where she and her companion were street contacting. Soon, they were invited to join in the street dancing and she said it was her favorite day ever on her mission as she felt so much a part of Japan. Watch the first 3 minutes of these cute people and then at 3 minutes and 11 seconds, look for the darling, "happy" sister missionaries! It's super quick and then it moves on to just the opposite scene. I would think everyone in Morioka would want to watch this and maybe they will recognize these bright and happy girls and want to meet them!

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