Monday, June 30, 2014

Zeugnis geben

Roger asked Jason some more specific details about his new companion's dad.   Did you find out if Elder Gomez's dad's first  name is Jesus? If it is, its the same Elder i worked with in La Coruna, in Spain. He was a great guy, very enthusiastic and he worked hard. I think he was on his mission for a year, then had to serve in the Spanish army for 6 months, that was the rule back then for all men 18 and over. Then he came back and finished his mission, if I am remembering correctly.
Roger found a birthday card given to him signed by Elder Gomez.  He wrote:
Kind of neat to think about those things so long ago. We had such a great time together, us 4 missionaries. We served way up in the northwest corner of Spain and had great adventures and taught a lot of people, or we sowed a lot of seeds way back in the day.

 This is Jason's reply. 
Thats him alright. All that info is right. What a cool connection and its been neat for us this week to be thinking on our dads and how we are doing it now! We have 
​a neat bond  :)
With new companion, Elder Gomez Torio.
"Our dads served together in Spain over 40 years ago!"

Ah what a great way to start an email ever week. I love it and I love my family. Its been neat this week working on my Family Booklet to share with others. There is a neat spirit to it and I know I have been blessed with such a wonderful family that I can share with my other brothers and sisters here in Vienna. In my studies this morning I learned about how as we focus our service to our brothers and sisters we will learn the value and love that the Lord has for them. It cant be done just in words, there most to action and I am grateful we can all serve others everyday and learn that love. 
Vienna is quite the place and there are many opportunities to do so. Its been neat to learn as well that no matter where they are from we can serve them and then hope as they travel back to where ever they are from that they are in Gods hands and he will further their preparation in accepting the gospel. Its funny because usually in the subways we meet others visiting Vienna and you can tell they are as they dont know their way around. We ask if we can help (even though I dontknow my way around) We still do our best and its so neat the people you meet. We met someone from Salt Lake City whoisnt a member but has a brother who served a mission. I know him meeting the missionaries in Vienna and receiving help will help him along his path. It is all in Gods time though. We also met another couple from American and they actually are originally from Columbia and so Elder Gomez Torio went off with them in Spanish. Its just great to leave a good impression with everyone and more importantly a testimony. Something that invites the Spirit, a feeling they hopefully wont forget and will mean something more to them one day. 
I have learned more this week about my testimony and sharing it and how key that is. Last Monday in the subway talked with a way nice, friendly young man and made out an appointment for ThursdayThursday came around and we met at the church and I was really excited for this opportunity and helping him receive and accept the gospel. It was a great meeting but afterwards when the time came to commit him and invite him back he had no interest whatsoever. I was really saddened but the impression came to bare testimony because that is something what you can leave. 
The work is moving forward here, I am grateful to be here and I hope we can rely and act upon the prompting of the Spirit to find the ones the Lord has prepared for us in this time. I know the Lord is aware of us and as we are obedient, preach our simple and clear message, ad bare testimony we will be led to those ready to hear and accept it. 
I love you deeply and so grateful for the love you show to me. I hope you have a great week, stay safe and make memories! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
Elder Jerman in Vienna, Austria.  The Schönbrunn palace is near where they live. 

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