Monday, August 19, 2013

Week of Wonders

Oh man I dont know where to start for this week, we had a wonderful week here in Heilbronn! We are seeing the blessings of the Lord in this work here and it has been the coolest thing and I am learning more and more! Wow okay so on Tuesday after district meeting I had the opportunity to go and interview the Sisters investigator (Grace) who got baptized yesterday. It was neat to interview her and then get the impression that she was ready for baptism. She is actually from Africa and so I have thought of Brett and his mission a lot lately and the Spirit of the Africans. The baptism yesterday went great and so cool that we got to go and be apart of it. Another African member said the opening prayer and I must say, Africans give the greatest prays! She talked about how the heavens and angles were rejoicing at this time for the decision Grace had made to be baptized. I loved it! 

An update from our Romanian friend. So we have met with him a couple times this week at the church. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon and is determined to read the whole thing. Its exciting to discuss with him the stories and how we can relate it to our lives. The Book of Mormon is the greatest tool along with the Spirit in this work. What a great opportunity we have to read everyday from it and learn knowledge through the Spirit of the greatest work on earth! Wow we sure are lucky! So Lucian (thats his name) has still been looking for work this last week and hasnt found anything until yesterday we got a call from him and he told us he was on a train heading to another city for work! Its so great that he found work and what just made the story great was he texted us later and said thanks for all the help and friendship we gave to him and he told he loved us and then at the very end he said, "ps, your book is getting more and more interesting." Oh it was so cool to know he has been reading and figuring out the importance of it. Hopefully one day he will know of its truth. So we arent quite sure if he will stay there but probably so if he has found work so we will try and pass on the information to the missinoaries where he is. It was a great adventure and story with him though sharing our love and our beliefs, and maybe one day down the road he will join the church. 

So I have saved the last for best. We have this part member family in our branch, she is a member and he is not. They just had a baby in the last couple months and so they havent been to church a lot since I have been here. They came a couple weeks ago and we made out an appointment to come by and we did and shared a spiritual thought and we were quite amazed at this guy who wasnt a member. He had a Book of Mormon and even said the closing prayer. Afterwards we thought, how is this guy not a member?! So on Friday I called them to make out an appointment for this next week and on the phone he told me he has made the decision to be baptized!!! Oh man it was such an exciting and neat experience. On Sunday at church we had a class with him and this next week we will be figuring out the plan for the next coming weeks to teach him to prepare him for baptism! Its so great, the Lords works wonders and its been so interesting to figure out that as we work and work and dont see much success as we keep going the Lord blesses us with someone who is prepared! Ah this work is wonderful and its the work of the our God and his son Jesus Christ. 

Hope you have a great week getting back into a new school year, make goals and do your best. Zac happy birthday to you brother, love you! 

Elder Jerman
Near huge church in downtown Heilbronn

HEy family, 
ah sounds you had a great last week of summer and looks like you are all excited to start a new year of school and what an exciting year for all of you! Big steps in life and what a great time of life. Enjoy the journey and stay busy and involved. You all will be a great example to more people than you think. Keep smiling and I wish you all the best of luck this new school year!! :)

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