Monday, August 12, 2013

Miracle of the Week

Well what a week it was here in Heilbronn! So great to hear from you and all the fun activities that are keeping your summer days busy. Fun also to hear that you learned some things about our ancestors at the family reunion. I have learned a great importance of genealogy and ancestors and so its fun to you are too. What a neat blessing we have to learn and read of the history of those in the past. So cool that we can write our own history for those to have in the future. Writing things down plays a big role in our lives and not just what we do but what we learn and what we are revealed personally. This last week we had a couple great meetings and so neat to both learn from my leaders and also the Holy Ghost as he gives me what I need in this time whether its who is speaking is saying or something else that comes to mind from his words. I have learned to trust in inspiration and write it down. It was a great couple days to come together in Stuttgart once again with the other missionaries around and receive great instruction for this work and then separate in our ways back in our own areas and then put it to work. Thats the tricky part but with the Lords help its possible and its so neat when things begin to happen and you see the Lord working through you to help these people. 

And we had experience this last week that was exactly that! It was a really cool miracle story and it is still in the process but those are the best because the best is yet to come! So it was Wednesday afternoon and we were traveling on bus to visit a member in a city outside of Heilbronn. I was on the phone making out an appointment and actually speaking in English and then during it a young guy sitting behind us speaks up in English and says, "Do you guys work for the church?" We started talking to him and found out that just that day he had his job taken away and also the place he was staying at. He is from Romania and had no idea what he was going to do because of his new situation. We had to get off but we gave him his card and told him to call us if he needed help. We weren't sure all we could do for him but we gave him our card none the less. The next morning after studies we were in a bus traveling to Bahnhof to go onto a potential to visit and we get a call and it was him! He asked us if we could help him out getting onto the Internet and trying to help translate some German sites so he could find a job. We decided to try and help him out as much as we could. We actually called up a member who knows a lot about the city and we all met at the church and started searching. Its pretty unusual in one day to find both a place to stay and a job so as our member was calling we were talking with him about the gospel and Book of Mormon. We were also finding more about him and how he did not want to go back home because there was nothing there for him and he had about nothing here. I was thankful at that point with all that I have and for my family and a future. We really are so blessed. We had to go but left him and the member trying to figure things out not knowing if he would have to go back or if he could find something. The next day we found out he was still here and had found somewhere to stay, he is still on the look out for a job but it was great he found a place to stay. We invited him to church and yesterday he came! It was so great! Sometimes I am just amazed of how things work out and how we meet people and how it all plays out. He told us that on that first day we met he felt something "pushing" him to speak with us and now a couple days he has been to church, has a Book of Mormon and we are planning to meet with him this next week. Wow and how simple that would have been not to speak up on the bus. So neat we have a message to share to the world that can help them in every way both temporal and spiritual. A message that brings peace at times not knowing what is next, a message of knowledge and hope for the future that goes into the eternities. 

This week we also had a exchange with the Elders in Ludwigsburg and I got to work with a new missionary that is fresh from the MTC. But German is no problem for him, he is a German! So it was way cool to work with a German missionary! A native in his own country but he can speak very little English, well hardly any at all but we spoke as if brothers (in the German language) ! He is a great missionary and we had a good time together. Missionaries are great and it is neat I have the opportunity to be apart of this great work at this great time to share this message to the world! Love you all so very much and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Liebe Grüße, 
Elder Jerman
Elder Jerman in Ohringen

Fun News - Hey I just thought I would let you know, I have had a little contact here and there with Christoph our exchange student from germany and he is now in Munich going to school. I asked president miles if I could meet up with him and he said it was okay so i gave him my number the he called and I was so surpised to hear him but so cool to speak in german with him and we made out a time where we are going to meet! He his coming to heilbronn next monday for pday so we can have a little fun time and i am so excited! Just thought you would want to know and thought you would be proud! ;) love you guys so much and thanks for all you do! I pray for you everyday and keep having fun while your summer last! 

Elder Jerman

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