Monday, August 26, 2013

Christoph's Adventure!

Hey family, 
So last week Christoph and I met up! It worked out perfectly. I only had 45 minutes or so on emailing to catch a train and get to Ludwigsburg but it was so worth it! We had a great time. and we had a perfect activity too.  Our district decided to have a district Pday and we went to this palce in Ludwigsburg. Its pretty famous (I think) but it was so beautiful! We actually spend most of the time in the gardens part which was so fun to walk around. There were many fairly tales stories building which was fun to see, just a perfect Germany activity! Great to talk to Christoph and be with him as well as the others in our district. It just could not have been better! Here are some pictures too of the fun things there Christoph! 

Ps also one thing on the side, I will probably be getting transfered in two weeks, not 100% sure, we will be getting transfer calls this Friday to see what is the low down but so if you wont to hold back on sending letters that would be great until I give you the new address or let you know whats going on. An exciting time it will be! 

Elder Jerman

Elder Jerman with our exchange student, Christoph Dittrich

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