Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Path

Greetings Family! 
Hey great to hear that you are settled back into school and excited for a new year that will bring many great memories. Man I cant believe we are coming to the end of August, these summer days here has gone by quick but many great things to look back on here in Heilbronn. My days in Heilbronn could be coming to an end, we receive transfer calls this week and I would think that I will be transferred which would be exciting but only time will tell and we will stay focused on Heilbronn until the time comes. This week we have had some great improvement in some areas and not so much in others which is a bummer. We were going to have an appointment with the Hanselmanns (the family who the dad now decided to get baptized) but he had to go into work last moment and had a busy schedule the rest of the week and then they werent in church yesterday so we havent made much progress there but I will for sure keep you posted on him because that is still an exciting time for him and his family. 
The less active work we are doing here is moving right along. We are meeting with two families weekly and trying to get them back to church. Its sometimes frustrating when a lesson goes great and you think they will coming and then you give them a call the night before to see if they are coming and then something comes up! Oh man, agency is sure one thing you learn on a mission and how great a gift it really is both for the bad and the good. We will keep on going though. This week was also fun to have two appointments with two less actives that we have trying and trying to get a hold of and make out appointments and it never happens and this week it did! One was with a older man who is 88 years old and it was a great time. At the beginning he told us stories of the war times and he also showed us books from the 1780s, coins from the 500s, and postcards of Heilbronn before it was bombed during WW2. Wow it was like a museum and as he told us stories of the war I thought to myself, "man this is better than a history class!" We did share a message of the gospel which was most important but its just so neat to be in a part of the world that has so much history and fun to hear it from those who lived it! 
Right now is an exciting time for the branch here, one family has their son on a mission in Berlin and he is coming back next week! After church they had us over to eat and so fun to be with them at this exciting time of having there son come back after 2 years. They are a great family in our ward and it will be a blessing to have him come back. 
We had a exchanged this week with the zone leaders and oh man I loved it! One of them came here to Heilbronn to work with me and I learned so much from him. He really knows how to love the people by being himself around people in lessons and also on the streets which sometimes can be hard and will take practice but I am excited to work on that! I have been learning lots lately of this path back to our Heavenly Father and eternal life. Its a path everyone is one, if they know it or not and I like to call it a path of preparedness. Everyone is at different points on this path, I have learned through experience about this path. I talked with one man on a train that knows nothing about our church and so answered questioned and afterwards I knew he was in Gods hands now as he moves further along his path. Another experience is with one of our neighbors we helped a couple weeks ago get back into her house. We had to use a credit card but thats another story. This week we ran into her again and asked how she was doing and we had a good talk as she then asked some questions and was interested in what we do. She was more open to us as we served her and now she is moving right along and who knows what the future will bring but I do know that as we serve those around us and show them our love their hearts will soften no matter if they are German, American or anything! Its so great to be apart of this great work to help those on their path back to a loving Heavenly Father. 

I love you all, share your light with all and have a wonderful week!:)
Elder Jerman

Fairy Tale Park

Elder Jerman and Elder Lappalainen
at Ludwigsburg Palace

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