Monday, May 27, 2013

Learning Lots!

Hello Familie!
Oh man its been a good week once again here in Germany. We might not have had all of our lessons we wanted because they fell out but none the less we went forward and had a great week. I dont have lots of time today because for P Day today we were with a member the whole day and he took us to some really cool places in our area, it was so cool! We really got a good taste a Deutschland it was sooo schön!! We went to some really old towns that were built in the 1200s and and explored around some old castles. Loved it!
But for this week we had a exchanged and it was my first time staying here in Heilbronn and taking over the area for the exchanged! It was such a good learning experience and an eye opener to eveything! I had to know my place around and know bus\train times. It went pretty great though, we had an less active lesson that night and even though I got the train times wrong and we were a little late it still was great. 
I also yesterday at church gave me first talk in German in Germany! It went pretty good and my grammar might not have been the best but I know theywere receiving what I was trying to get out. What was really cool was after a older Sister in our ward came up to me and thanked me for my talk she especially loved how excited I was. And I have been thinking about that and its really true if you cant speak well as long as you have confidence and show you are trying and are always trying to be in a happy positivie attitude that is what the people will recognize! So no matter my German I just love to be happy with everyone! 
Well got to go, sorry not too long this week. I love you all though! This work is great and can bless everyone! 
Love, Elder Jerman
Stadt Teil Bockingen

We were walking down the road and this little dorf came into view and we had to take a picture!   So pretty!

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