Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Good Week

Yet another week has gone by, and a good one for that! Fun to hear your summer is starting and you are enjoying the sun! We are not quite there yet with the whole sun shinning thing. The last couple days I have still worn my coat and scarf beacause it has been raining and it has been raining a lot! There is a river in the area and it is pretty dang high! But a coat in June? I have never heard of such a thing! Well I think we are just aobut to summer here and I sure hope so! 
This week we had another exchanged was again in our area, we had a good time and actually found too new investigators! It was really actually because we had some people we wanted to go by on and we got off the bus and started walking to one of them but I thought we should visit another first and it worked out perfect he was just getting off work and he let us in and had a great lesson. He is actually a former investigator in the area book we found that hasnt been with the missionaries for two yeatrs but now we are meeting with him and his girlfriend! The Lord really does lead us to the ones that are ready we just have to be ready and willing to listen. 
We found another investigator this week as well and have met with him twice already and that is hard to get sometimes in one week.I think it is so great to have this opportunity to be able to meet with so many different people from so many different back grounds both religious and language. Its pretty cool to be involved with both of them every dayand try and communicate in both ways. Its probably  two of thebiggest things differences we have in this world. 
One day on the bus I was talking ot this one lady who is from Turkey and she has been here for 33 years but you could tell her German wasnt the best. Its interesting to see people here that cant speak that well just because they dont speak it . Youd be surprised, when we were talking I would say we were just about on the same level of German. It was so fun thou to be talking with a foreigner and I being one too but we were talking the same language in a country not of our owns. This week we also met a 91 year old man that isnt interested in the church or anything but it was pretty´neat to meet him and for a little bit talk about his life and what he has lived through. We can learn so much from the people around us, everyone has a story and everyone has something to share. We all have the Light in Christ in us and he is counting us on showing that light to the ones around us. We cant take on the whole world but we an take that first step and serve the ones that do cross our path. I also have been learning aobut agency this week and how we have all have been given talents and the gift to chose and act for ourselves and I know as we work hard and fill our lif´ves with good things our talents will grow as we grow and we will help others along the way as well which Our Heavenly Father wants. Make your decision and go for it! LOve you all and have a wonderful summy week!
Elder Jerman


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