Monday, May 20, 2013

Gotta Love Germany Weather

Munich and Stuttgart Zones during mission tour with Elder Teixeira
Cant believe another week is in the books! It was a great week and a lot of neat experience. Not big and great but many simple little ones that happened everyday. If we are always trying to look on the bright side and notice the little miracles the Lord is giving us I can promise we can feel His Love for us and we will be more happy. Something I have done for the last month or so is everyday I have a spot in my planner where I write 1 through 5 and as we go throughout the day whenever something happens that makes me happy or some little miracle happens I write it down. I really do know the Lord loves me and the people I am surrounding by. He gives us so much everyday and too many times we pass it by. The more grateful we are the more happy we can be! 
Alright, where to start off...yesterday at church was so neat. We probably had a solid 50 or so people there. It was awesome and I thinks that is the most I have ever seen at church here.  A recent convert (he was baptized before I came) got the Priesthood and his wifes family was there. The chapel wasn't completely full but I could till a difference and to me it seemed full and to have a good amount of people there just filled the church with the spirit and love. So great to be able to come together and worship our Lord. My love for church as really grown, at home we have it pretty easy where the church is right up the street but the members here travel from all around. Travel time from 10 to 40 minutes with car. And to have the members come all together and to be apart of it is just so awesome! Yesterday was extra neat because after church the members all stayed and we cooked up a meal and all ate lunch together. Its really just like one big family and I love I can be apart of it!
During the week had a good number of appointments made out and its frustrating sometimes to have them fall out or postponed but it was great to see as we kept moving forward in the work the Lord would bless us in our actions. One day we had a neat experience where an appointment fell out so we took the S-bahn back into Heilbronn and we wanted to catch a bus that was going to another stadt teil (city part) of Heilbronn. Kind of like Salt Lake with all the little cities around it but not really. Its a little different in Germany and more spread out. But anyways we didnt think we were going to catch it because it was suppose to have already left but as we got out of the S-bahn we ran for it and as we ran we prayed. And we made it right before it left!  Elder Merkley says it happens almost every time and its a really good example of pray. As we pray and ask for help the Lord will do his part but we need to still do our part and in this case it is running. But as we went to this Stadt teil we were going to go by on a former investigator but instead met a lady that seemed pretty interested and we read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon with her and then left it with her. We made out an appointment this week and it was just great because I really do believe we were suppose to meet with this lady. The Lord knows who is ready and we need to have faith that he has prepared a way and our part is figuring that way out. He doesnt want us to do it alone. He is there to help us along the way and is always ready to help. As we show our humility and understand that we cant do it alone and go to him in pray we will be blessed with the help we need! 
  A fun adventure we had this week was we went to go visit a less active and he lives in a dorf (little town) which we have never been to before so we had no idea where he lived but as we were getting there it started to rain and earlier that day the weather had be gorgeous with the sun shinny and everything so Elder Merkley had a short sleeve and I a long. But we got there and it started to rain and then it started to poor and then it poored Germany style. We had our umbrellas and it was crazy being under them trying to find this less active in this little dorf not ever being there before. He wasnt home but we left him a note and then did some dooring and then right before we took the train back we talked with someone on the street and they said we could can back! We have some great appointments this week with some people I really hope can become investigators and see the joy this gospel brings. All that needs to happen is them to let us in and the appointments to work out, but they have their agency like we all do to accept it or not. We are just hoping and praying we can share with them this gospel which can change their lives forever! And in the most rewarding way, eternal life. Its great to be a missionary and to be learning so much! As we all be more grateful for what we have and the miracles that happen everyday we will all feel the love that our Savior has for us! 
Till next week,  
Lots of love,
Elder Jerman
Last day of May

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