Monday, May 13, 2013

Alles Gute zu Mutter Tag!

Liebe Familie,
Ah it was so wonderful to speak and see you yesterday! I loved seeing everyone of your faces and speaking with you. My love for each one of you has grown as I have been away and I am so thankful for you. Mom, Happy Mothers Day and hope you had a wonderful day. I love you so much and thanks for all you do!
It was a great week here in Heilbronn. We foud a new investigator and had a great lesson with him. We were trying to actually meet with him a couple times before but it wasnt working out but then on Saturday we finally got to meet with him. It was actually good because he wanted a Book of Mormon in Turkish and the first time we went by we had forgotten it! We explained the Book of Mormon and he is really excited to read it, he actually wants to read the whole thing in one week! Wow I was surpised, but impressed and hopefully he actually does it. If not the whole thing then at least some of it because that is what is important. That is what is hard with investigator, if they are not keeping their committments it is hard to progress because we can teach them all we want but if they are not doing their part they cant progress. It was great actually because we had an investigator come to church yesterday and it was awesome to have him there. 
Friday we had Mission Tour where Elder Teixia of the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was in München so we had to take a train there but it was great to be there with all the missionaries and fun to see some missonaries that were with me in the MTC! As we got into München and took the S bahn we walked up the stairs and there was a big field and they were already setting up for the Oktober Fest! Ah it was crazy, but anyways on a more Spiritual not to finsih this letter off. (Sorry not much this week, got to go catch a train) But studying this week I realized how important it is to first start with a desire. In everything we do in life we need to start with the desire. As we pray for the desire our faith grows and our desire to reach our goals increase! 
I love all of you and so great to see your lovly faces!
Elder Jerman

Our Mother's Day skype with Elder Jerman!

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