Monday, April 15, 2013

Life as a Missionary (additional post this week)

Map of missions in Europe
Here is a little bit about missionary life! Sorry I havent really explained much, we dont have much time today. We have a district p day and we are going hiking in the Black Forest! I am so pumped! 

So to answer a couple questions, we are the only missionaries in our area. The closest our about a 20 minute train ride. We have just one branch here in Heilbronn of about 30 to 35 active members. It is a church house tho which is really nice (some areas have an office appartment) 
We ride buses and trains everywhere. Our area is pretty big so we take trains to go visit different smaller areas but we take the bus around Heilbronn. So yes we are on buses and train every day. 
Our days consist of in the morning we have personal and then companion studay and that is actually for 2 hours because I am being trained and there is something farely new called "12 week Training Program" we have that and study that. Then some days not always we have language study if we have the time. Or sometimes we do it at night. Then our day we try and visit potentials or visit less actives. We make out appointments with members to teach them and get them comfortable in missionary work. They are so important! 
Ill explain more next week, got to go,
love you, Elder Jerman

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