Monday, April 15, 2013

Betet Immer (Pray always)

Weinsburg (with church and fort on hill)
Meine Familie!
I am so glad I have the time to write to you, the work is great and I know it is not just because of us that we are seeing success. It is because of the prayers of many to our Lord and as we show our love and ask he does bless us as we pray and go forward in faith. This week I have really grown my testimony in prayer. Betet immer is pray always auf Deutsch. This week has been really cool to really see that put to the work. At the beginning of the week I had been studying about prayer in 3 Nephi 13 and 14 and I just love personal study and I love reading in the Book of Mormon and I get so much out of it every time to help me become a better servant of the Lord. So great! So this week pray was my main topic to study and there is so much I have learned. I have realized how important it is not just as missionaries but as Gods children we should always have a prayer in our heart and that really hasnt really made the best of sense to me until this week. Like in the sacrement prayers we know we should always remember Him. I have found out that as we have a pray in our heart throughout the day it is easier to always remember him and put him first in our lives. We grow closer to both Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father as we keep a prayer in our heart and our love for them grows. As we grow closer to them they can help direct our lives through the Holy Ghost. Not just our lives but the Holy Ghost can help us find other people that we can help thier lives become greater. 
At the beginning of the week we werent having much success in finding people to teach. Since we have just baptized our investigator we are trying to find more people to teach. As I have been here in Heilbronn we have been trying to find people to teach but we havent had no real new investigors. We really wanted that this week and so with my new understanding about prayer on Saturday had a great planning session for the day. We got home late the night before so we planned during comp study and had the night open for finding and we decided to pray for guidance on where to go. We decided Weinsberg and the plan was to first visited some potentials and then go dooring. Dooring is not the best way to find but we decided to go for it. I had a really great feeling as we prayed that Weinsberg really was the right place to go. So that night around 5 we got there and had no luck with the potentials. So we had time now to door. We decided to pray on which way to go and we both felt good about a certan way so off we went. The first hr and half we had no luck and then we came to a house and a 17 boy open the door. We started talking to him about the purpose of the life and then he just asked if we wanted to come in. This rarely happens here! My companion has been out 10 months and maybe 3 times been let in. We had a really good talk and his dad joined us. We set up an appointment for next week to come back! I really do believe we were guided here through pray through the Holy Ghost! God is ready and willing to give us blessings and answers, we just have to ask and then be ready to listen to the soft gentel promptings of the Holy Ghost. Then Sunday we wanted to get one more new investigator for the week and there was this one guy we had meet on the street about a week ago and have tried to go by but nothing has really happened so we were coming back into Heilbronn from Lauffen where we were dooring and actually real quick a older couple let us in for a drink and a snack. We actually had talked to them before and they invited us in, so it was crazy to have them let us in as well! Very nice people here!
So anyways back to our friend from the street. We called him up as we were coming back into Heilbronn and asked if we could come over to give him a Book of Mormon and he said sure. We went over and had a lesson with him and his friend was there too so we taught them both. It was awesome, he is actually from Cameron and so his mother language is french. He has very good german tho. Things are just crazy here, we have had great success in the last too days and I truly know it is because our desire and our faith through pray. When we are ready and willing to ask and have that true desire in our heart then the Lord will bless us. 
German is coming along, still got along way to go. I bore my testimony yesterday and even though I dont know every thing in german I know the simple things. Ich weiß dass diese Kirch wahr ist, ich weiß dass das Buch Mormon wahr ist, ich weiß das Gott liebt uns. (I know that this church is true, I know that the Book of Mormon is true, I know that God loves us.)  It is the simple things but it is the most important things. that is what is so great about this gospel! 
Love you all very much so, 
Elder Jerman
Heilbronn wine gardens - there are so many here.

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