Monday, April 1, 2013

Frohe Osten (Happy Easter)

Frohe Osten or Happy Easter! 
City of Sontheim (church in background)
Hallo family!
Had a pretty great week here in Germany, it was awesome to have Easter this week and remember all that our Savior has done for us. It is always a little hard on holidays for missionaries though, because no one really has time and they want to be with their famlies. It was still a great day, We had church in the morning and also actually we had daylight savings this weekend!! Thats always a jolly good time especiallz doing it about a month ago back in America! I will tell za it doesnt get anz easier. Especiallz on a mission when you can get quite tired at times. It has been so fun this week, I have reallz got to know the members better. We have had appointments with different members almost about everzdaz which is so great to strengthen our relationship with the members because thez are kez is this work. and sorrz about the ys and zs. I tried at the beginning to get them right but that takes too long, mazbe in a couple weeks ill get that down. But anzwaz, the members here are so great and strong people in the gospel. Thez are verz loving and even tho I dont understand them completelz I know thez have a love for this work and for the gospel. After church we went home with a familz to eat Easter lunch and visit with them. Zour relationship with the members is so important and when zou have their trust thez will share with zou thier friends who zou can teach. That is how we got our investigator that is getting baptiyed this week! The members know the people here and this guz is Golden! The daz I came he gave up smoking and about a week later drinking alchol. He has been drinking for 30 zears and to see him change is so amaying and his faith in the Lord is so great. He is a great example to me and it is a verz exciting time for him. 
On Saturdaz we had a finding daz in one of our areas in our District in a area called Prozheim. So I got to work with anothe Elder which was prettz fun and cool to see how he works and get different ideas from him. We have found a couple potentials this week and hopefullz thez will realiye how great this message can impact their lives. I have come to understand this week that the Lord reallz has prepared the "elict". There are manz who are not quite readz that we talk to and it can be discoraging not to get anzone that wants to listen but we must relz and the Lord and keep pressing forward. I have also learned that the mission is not going to be easz or get anz easier, zou can onlz get stronger and not just anz strength. Strenth through Christ. We can learn something new everzdaz about Christ and as we trz to be more like him we can be a great help in the world to change other people lives. Not just missionaries but like I said members are just as important as finding people back to Christ. We are all in Gods work together. 
Hope you have a great Spring Break, Love zou all! 
Elder Jerman

sorry I really dont have much time today to respond to anything or send pictures we are in Stuttgart and we are have to go so hopefully i can share more about the mission life next week! Love you all so much
Elder jerman
Heilbronn crest

view of Heilbronn

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