Monday, April 22, 2013

Keep Your Faith


Guten Tag Familie!

Its been a good week here in Heilbronn and I have learned a lot! One of the biggest things I learned this week was moving forward in faith. We had a couple experience this week that goes along with that subject so let me get right into it. One day we were in Weinsberg this week and we had finished visiting some potentials that fell through. We had planned to go to an area in the city to do some dooring but decided to pray to see what we should do. I had the feeling that we should stick around in the area we where at. I dont know why but we did for a little while and then moved on to the other area. I was confused why I got the feeling to stay there because we knock on some doors but had no success. We might have not of seen the success but the Lord now can work with these people in what we left with them and who knows what the future could bring. And maybe I had the feeling because we needed to stay in the area and then later on meet someone on the street that we would not have before. Its all about moving forward with faith and trusting in the Lord. Last night I actually read a really great scripture that goes along with this in Proverbs 3:5 and 6 talking about trusting in the Lord with all our hearts and leaning not on our own understanding. A lot of the times we dont understand why we get a specific feeling or idea but as we go forward with faith trusting in the Lord he will lead us on a path that will bring blessings and success. And sometimes blesssings and success that we dont see with our own eyes. 
The other experience was one day we had two appointments set up for the day and they both fell out. We decided to go visit a new member that had moved into our area and on the way we found some people that were interested! The Lord sure does work in many different wonderful ways, even if plan A doesnt work out as long as we move forward in faith and have trust that we can still find success, it can happen. 
My German is coming along alright. Its easy to just talk English all day with my companion but we really try hard to speak as much as we can. We speak only German when we are outside working and then in our apartment we speak English which can be nice so our relationship can grow. I have learned a lot and I know as I keep speaking the language I will just keep on learning. I was on an exchanged this week with another Elder in my district and he has only 2 months left. So I asked some advice and he said he wished he was himself more with the members and people. Its hard to do that with the language barrier, but when you dont worry about making mistakes and just do it, you can learn so much and become who you really are! 
Last week was fun on p day to go to the Black Forest. One of our areas in our district as a little part of the Schwarzwald so we went there and hiked around. We didnt go too deep into the forest but it was still way fun to go hiking. 
Everyday is a new adventure on a mission and it can be hard but its great to know that we can trust in the Lord and he will show us the way. We dont always understand why but as we show our faith and love he will keep his promises and we will see success. Most of the times its in small and simple things that we dont always recongnize but they are there and he is showing us his love! 
I love all of you very much and hope you have a great week! 
How neat and humbling it is to be apart of this great work at such a time in the world. This work is true and it can help everyone in their life no matter where they are. 
Till next week,
Elder Jerman

Beilsteil (castle at dusk)

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