Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Exciting week!

My loving family,
Hello from the MTC, it has been a wonderful week and I have so much to till, hopefully my hands do type fast enough. I maybe should have taken speed typing more seriously because it sure would help but I'll try my best! But where do I start, well we are still without roommates which is is a bummer but we have just as fun because we go over to the room of the rest of our district and we are really becoming great friends. This Wednesday was fun and have new missinoaries come in, I didnt see Elder Tanner Clegg until Saturday but it was fun to see him and I've seen him a couple more times since. One must not worry if you dont see a friend on the Wednesday they get in, there are plenty of oppurtunites to run into them so its fun. Something very exciting this week was we changed classrooms! Our whole building is getting AC put in so we are in another building now which is very exciting. This one has nicer desk and chairs! But still we are very pack into a pretty small room with 10 people in there and their desk's but we manage. It is fun because we our room is next to some Fijians, they left Friday but we also have some ASL a few doors down, fun to get to know other missionaries serving throughout the whole world! Another exciting event was I dont remember what day but we all receievd a package from some unknow person and it said to open it all together so it was fun to have that little fun moment together opening mysterious boxes and all gettting goodies to share with each other.
This week we had the great privlage to hear from an Apostel of the 12! Elder M Russell Ballard came and spake to us, of course it is the one time we didnt make it into the gym on time to get a seat. It was just as good in the overflow though. It was so neat to hear an Apostel of the Lord speak to us, I could feel his Spirit as he testified of this great work as missionaries we are doing! So neat that he came! Also this week we saw someone else that a lot of people know...especially missionaries. It was one of the missionaries from the District!! We were in the computer lab having language study and we notice him outside the door, we all just stare in amazement that we are looking at a Mormon celebrity! It was fun, and I guess quite a few of them work here. We saw Elder Reis if you wanted to watch the District again and pick him out.
Now on a more serious note, I had a really great experience this week while teaching a investigator. She is actually one of our teaches but we were going to go in and teach the Plan of Salvation, that is what we had prepared but we went in and I got the feeling to ask her really what her big concern was and she said the Prophet Joseph Smith so we just drop our lesson and taught her about that. I felt the Spirit so strong as we testified or Joseph Smith. It is so important to follow the promtings of the Spirit and teach people not lessons. I have learned a lot this week about the Spirit and I think its so important for all of us to pray everyday to have the strength to act upon the promtings we receive even if its a small one. And its especially good for missionaries to learn now to act upon them now so when we get into the field so we will have the confidence to act upon the Spirit even if we do not know why, the Lord knows why and that is all that matters. Trust in the Lord and have Faith! Vertrauen und Glauben ist sehr wichtig!
Love you all and wish I had more time but I must say farewell for now!
Love Elder Jerman
ps I got released as District Leader, my popularity went down dramasticly, also thanks so much for the fruit! So fun to share something different!!

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