Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last week speaking English

Well hello my good family,

I love you all and its good to hear all the great things you are doing! Man oh man we are in the "Red Zone" here at the MTC. This is the time that counts the most, you dont want to waste time thinking about what is to come, we've got to keep our minds on the work we are preparing with the people. We study hard with them not us, well us too but mostly for them. It has been a great week here at the MTC as we come down to our last weeks. I was just thinking about it and really this will be our last week speaking complete English with other people and with ourselves! So to prepare ourselves we have been trying to do "nur Deutsch Tage" (only German days) yesterday we really focused on that and tried really hard to only speak German. It can be tough at times and hard to always remember but it is really fun as we carry around are little dictionary books that has every word translated. We can speak English to other missionaries but we try really hard to just speak German with ourselves. I love it and that is the greates way to learn a language is to speak it. Thats all I will be doing in a week anyways.
Speaking of next week, we got our Travel Plans this week!! Ah it is so exciting!! We got them on Friday but all week we were hoping for them, it was just like Christmas but you didnt know when Christmas was going to come!! So exciting! We leave the MTC at 6 in the morning and take a bus to the SLC airport, we hope on a plane and fly to Minneapolis MN and then have a layover there, then we fly to Amsterdam Netherlands and get there at like 6 in the morning and have another layover and then fly on the our final distination...Munich!! We get there at like 11 in the morning but it will feel like 2 in the morning to us because of all the time changes but I am very excited to go straight to work once we get out there. The Frankfurters actually have a straight flight to Frankfurt, I dont know if I would like that. I will be fun stopping and resting our legs a couple times. Also something fun about the Frankfurters is they got a schedule of what they will be doing the first day and they get there and start street contacting with just them, all as new missionaries. Ooo that got me thinking how real this is going to get once we get there. I cannot wait though to serve the Lord with all of my abilities and talents. I will never be 100% ready but I will use what I have learned and rely and trust in the Lord because I know that is where the real success comes from. Having the Holy Ghost is so important, that is how we learn and he is who we teach with. Without him, we and the investigators could not progess.
Cant believe my time in the MTC is coming to a close, but cant wait to start a new chapter of my mission and preach the gospel to the German people ( Austrian and Swiss included)
Love you all, and keep your faith strong, I know mine will be super strong as I trust and give all I have when I step off the Plane in Munich!
Elder Jason Jerman
PS it was Elder Sponsellers birthday this week, very fun to kind of celebrat that ( as much as we could)

Also thanks so much for the vegetables, everyone loved them and I am now know as the "Heathly Elder who likes to share"

couple things for you mom
-last week I did not actually get to be a host missionary, elder Pierce is in another zone and only they got to
-hey one thing I would like but it doesnt matter if it gets done is that I have been craving my red and blue striped tie, its just like diagnaly stiped back and forth between red and blue, that is all I need just that one if that is not to big of a hassel.
-I did get you veggis with the ranch oo they were so good
-so yes I will call home and explain more in my letter I send home, I have to do it in the US and we leave slc at 10 and get to minneaplis and 130 and have a 3 hr layover there. I could do it in minneapolis so the kids could be home. let me know in a dear elder or something!
-ooo something cool about visa's with us alpine missionaries is we dont have to worry like the Mexico, we dont need the visa to get into Austria but we do have to get it, there is just no rush to get it
love elder Jerman

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