Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We are Half Way There

Hello my loving family,
Here we are again on a loving Dienstag afternoon! Cant believe I am half way through my experience here at the MTC, I am sure I will miss it when I leave but its so exciting to think that I am one week closer to going to Germany. We saw a lot of missionaries leaving the last two day, I think they said around 700 left this week and who knows how much will be getting tomorrow! I have talk to some missionaries that leave at 4 in the morning, wow that is crazy but I would care if it was 2 in the morning I would be so pumped to just get going already! But life is good here at the MTC I sure am learning alot and not just German but what really counts, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be immersed in das Buch Mormon and Verkundert mein Evangelium everyday is so great for us missionary here at the MTC so we can learn all we can before we go out to the real world! Wednesday was really exciting I knew of a couple friends coming in and so I had my eye out for them when the missionaries started to arrive. We were in our classroom and were studying and I just wanted to go on a walk to see by chance if I would run into anyone I knew. So I said to my companion, lets go check the mail ( even tho I got it before lunch) but thats what you can do as district leader. So we were walking over to the mail building and Elder Jones was the first person I recongized! We just chatted for a minute and he had only been there for a few minutes, we kept walking and I saw Sister Lauren Hafen! Fun to see here and then while walking back I saw Elder Kyndal Orton as well as a couple other high shcool buddies! I would have to say that walk was quite beneficial! It was a great day though, loved it!
The german is coming along and classes are good, we have two classes everyday except Sunday and P-day. It depends on the day some days we have one in the morning and then one at night but other days we have one right after lunch and it goes till supper time and then we have another one right after that till bed time! Ooo that is pretty intense and I know why missionaries gain weight in the MTC, they eat and then they sit and then they eat and then they sit! So this week Elder Nielson (who is in my district) and I decided to do a little challenge and not eat any sweets for a week because they give us sweets every meal. Im starting to think maybe they are trying to but some extra weight on us for something....no its good! So we started out strong but we only last about 3 days, once we got some packages from families and everyone was sharing treats we could not resist! And thanks for the packages, they are great, it is fun going around and sharing with people in other classrooms or in the residance. Hey maybe next time put a couple fresh apples in there or something! The Jerman chocolate sure was delicious so thank you!
So I hear that the wheather is not so hot right now, its kinda strange here because we cant really till, well we can we do go outside, dont worry they dont keep us in all day but we are inside for a lot of the day and so can really never tell what is going on outside. The snow sounds fun tho, I just sure hope its not snowing when I go out to Germany! We did get to go and walk around the temple on Sunday so that was very nice to get out of the MTC and stretch our legs! Well my time have come to an end, man this is probably the quickest 30 minutes of every week but I sure do love hearing from you! Keep up the hard work and I'll do the same on my side! This work is true and I love learning more about it every day and I cannot wait to share it with the people in Deutschland!
Elder Jason Jerman

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