Monday, March 18, 2013

Fliegen nach Deutschland

Hallo Familie!
I dont have a lot of time today, we are keeping pretty busy but they did let us get on today and say our last goodbyes from the United States of America! Today we kind of have a regular day and we are just fitting in where we can to pack and get ready to go in the morning. We did not have gym today, Saturday was our last day which is too bad but we had time instead to try and get everything ready. It has been a great last week though here at the MTC. We finally got to be Host Missionaries!! Im so glad we finally got the oppourtunity and it was really fun hosting brand new missionaries and look back 6 weeks ago and see me in that same spot. I cant believe how fast time has flown here! Soon enough Ill be in Germany! Thursday we had a In-Field Orientation pretty much all day, from after breakfast all the way up to dinner. But it sure did get me pumped to go out and serve God's children. That is so great about a mission is from the time you get up to the time you go to bed you are helping God's children return to their father and that is what you are doing all day. Oh what the joy that brings, it is not an easy thing though. I know for sure it will be hard, but in the end it will be rewarding for both me and the ones I help return to God. Sunday was a good day with Depature Devotional and the regular Sunday Night Devotional. Then after we watched a talk by Elder Holland, it was a talk he gave on Thanksgiving Day here at the MTC and he had some of his grandchildren share their testimonies and the oldest had received her mission call and was coming in February. She was sitting two rows in front of me while we watched this talk of her giving her testimony and then Elder Holland bearing his testimony. It was so awesome and now the time has finally come to use all that I have learned. It is a little frighting but as I keep my confidence with trust and faith in the Lord, I know the he will use me in ways that well bless the lives of many. May God be with You. I love you all.
Elder Jerman

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