Monday, January 27, 2014

The sun is shining in Germany

Stuttgart interviews and District Meeting

What a great week it was here in Stuttgart! Well not just in Stuttgart but also in Heilbronn! Remember Heilbronn, I sure hope you do, so as Zone Leaders we have exchanges with the District Leaders in the Zone and so this last week I got to go back to Heilbronn for a day and work there! It was so crazy, I loved it! It was weird going back and seeing the place, there was a couple things different but mostly the same. We got to visit the Valencia family from Spain and they were so happy that we came to visit them. Its great to make friendships that last for a lifetime and to again see each other. We also had a lesson with a less active that we had been working with. It was soo awesome and I absolutely enjoyed it! We also had another exchanged with some other Elders and I stayed in Stuttgart and worked, we did some home teachings with some members and also we were going to have an appointment that the International elders made out but it fell out. It was still a good time and I love working with missionaries and serving/learning from them. 
We got two new investigators this week which was great and will be great to work with and make progress with. Those 3 things of reading, praying, and coming to church is really the way they can progress and receive their own answer. We are their guides but only they can get that personally testimony and feel the spirit tell them that its true by doing those 3 things. I have learned lots of the importance of the them and how key they are in all of our conversions. So their names are Haiko and Kat, Kat is a really cool story. Before I got here the missionaries were waiting for the train to come up and someone came up to them calling out, "Elders!" Quite a surprise since most people dont know us, but she is from the Ukraine and has been here about a year. She didnt know there was a church here in Stuttgart, she had been going to church for 4 years! She knows the Elders very well and this last week we finally got to meet with her. She has not yet been baptized and we asked her about it and she explained that she hasnt gotten her answer yet of the Book of Mormon. We are involved everyday in a work that truly is based off our trust and faith in God and his promises he has made to us. We know we have received his promise and know it is possible for others, we all need to keep the faith and hope and not give up to receive that answer. It comes in many ways and ways we usually wouldnt think but as we live faithfully and are obedient he will give us an answer. I know he will, we must truly believe and then ask. 
Something fun to end off on, today for Pday we visited a chocolate factory (Ritter Sport) and then also got to visited the American Military Base here in Stuttgart. It seems like we are in America once we go in, and we got to get Taco Bell which I havent had in a long time! It was a great time. We all need to keep working diligent but not forget to stop and smell the roses. :) God is a loving God and have given us so much to enjoy! Especially Families and I love my family! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Much Love,

Elder Jerman
Ritter Sport (chocolate factory tour)

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