Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting around town

My wonderful family,
Ah Im so glad to write you again this week, last week was really rushed and so I didnt have much time to tell much but here we are again with a beginning of a new week with new stories and miracles. First off I will let you know who my companion is, his name is Elder Ryan Moon from Pleasant Grove!! Right up the street, we didnt know each other before but he is a great missionary and I am excited to work with him! He has just been here a little longer than I have so we are both pretty new to the area and we have a good time with that. Stuttgart is so great though, I already love it. Our area is basically Stuttgart and we travel everyday in the city with the street trains, they are all over and so we can get anywhere with them and we are on them a lot. It is a great opportunity to talk with lots of people and share the gospel but just in a little amount of time. Its a little tricky in a short amount of time to have them open up but as you smile, show them genuine love and listen they will open up and you can bear testimony to them! Sometimes a little tough to know what to talk about but as you open your mouth and trust in the Lord that it will work out, all works out in the end! I love how this is the work of the Lord and he has called me here to Stuttgart at this time for a reason because who I am and the talents I can share with others. That can be with all of us in the places we are and the callings we have. He knows of perfectly and the people we work with and around and knows we can be a benefit for them and them for us. As we commit to the service of the Lord daily we will be blessed. 
This week we have had a couple exchanges, we had one with the Assistants and it was neat to learn from them but also know that they are missionaries as well and their calling makes them no better than other missionaries, we are all in the same service and it really comes down to our commitment to serve and do this wonderful work. Also another exchange with the International Elders here in Stuttgart. There is a military base here in Stuttgart and so there is a lot of Americans in that ward, it was a blast to interact with members during the exchange and fun to talk with them. Both wards here in Stuttgart meet at the same meeting house. We have church at 1o'clock in the afternoon which is a change but will be good. 
The ward is so great and big, Im excited to learn who they are all and help them in their missionary work, they are already so great and to follow up from last week with the member who gave us their son to go by on. Talk about a MIRACLE!! This week we went by, we arrive at the house and decided to pray before we ring. He comes to the door, we introduce ourselves and told him his mother asked if we could come by to introduce ourselves, at first he was a little hesitant but you could tell the Spirit was working within him. He decided to let us in and we got to talk with him! We didnt have lots of time so we made out an appointment for this week to really sit down and talk. There are the ones out there that are ready, if they know it or not, our purpose it to invite them to experience the joy and happiness we have had in the gospel. I am so grateful for a loving father in heaven and that he sent his son for us. I am grateful for this life and our journey to live according to his teachings and will so that we can have that peace in our lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ helps us in every situation and that I know! Through the tough and the hard as we stay true to the Lord we will be blessed.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 
Elder Jerman
ps here is my new address! 

Immenhofer Str. 39
Stuttgart 70180
Immenhofer Strasse 39 - Stuttgart, Germany  (missionaries live on the 3rd floor)

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