Monday, January 13, 2014


I love you and have so much to tell this week, lots have happened and I hope I can tell you all I can! I dont have much time but let us go through the week! 
Monday we had a appointment with a member and had some other members there as well, it was good. Tuesday we had zone training in Munich and came back for Ward Council. Wednesday we had a couple appointments with members and also did service from our investigator Frau Sherer. Throughout these days I hadnt started packing yet until Tuesday night but I did get everything ready and we went by to say our last goodbyes. Also something on Monday we get a call from President and said that the 3rd wont be coming and so it will just be those two in Rosenheim! Pretty crazy!! Thursday came and I was out of Rosenheim for the last time, it was crazy to drive out of there on train and remember all the great experiences there. A lot was learned and will be taken to the next step. A busy day on trains with missionaries all coming and going but finally got in that night and actually got picked up from a member in a Porsche! This city and ward is going to be great, I already know it! We went by on a less active that night. Friday we had a meeting with all the District leaders and also had a lesson with a new investigator at the YSA center, we showed him around and then had a great lesson. His name is Samuel and is such a cool guy. I think we will see some good progress with him! Saturday we played soccer at the church with a new convert that just was baptized on Monday here in Stuttgart, we played with some others and well and it was great! Sunday we had church at 1 in the afternoon which was way different, we have both a English and German ward here. We are in the German ward but also talked with some English members which was neat. After church I experience a way neat miracle, as I was introducing myself to members one came up to me and asked if we could go by her son this week who is not a member. She had a feeling come over her in sacrament meeting that now was the right time. Its so neat the many miracles and blessing we received as we do our part in being obedient and being diligence, blessings are given in many unseen ways! 
I know that God loves all his children and wants all of them to come back to him some day. Its only through the gospel of Jesus Chirst that we can make it back and how neat it is that we can share that message with all to help them come back to their father. I know as we recommit to serve the Lord daily we will be happy and share that joy with others in our service. It does more miracles than we can image! Sorry for having it short but not much time this week. I love you all so dearly and hope you have a great week! 
Much love, 
Elder Jason Jerman
Stuttgart Coat of Arms

First Stuttgart Coat of Arms in 1286

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