Monday, December 16, 2013

Book of Mormon Miracle

 Hey Family!
Oh my oh my, this is just the most special time right now and I hope it will live on. I hope you just take every moment of it and love it. We are so blessed and its a wonderful to give thanks and serve others. We have had a great week and have seen some great miracles this week. To start off with I would like to talked about the importance of goal setting. It really does make a difference and I just lived a week of just that. Elder Smith and I made the goal at the beginning of the week that we would give out one Book of Mormon everyday. We hadnt done so well in the past and really wanted to reach this goal. It was so neat as days went on with every experience we had each day in giving out our Book of Mormon. They were all miracles in them self. Thursday it was neat as Elder Smith has grown the confidence and stopped a younger guy and we started a conversation and he ended up accepting the Book of Mormon. Friday was really neat as we didnt have much time that day to do much contacting as we were in Neu√∂tting with the other Elders as we practiced with the members there for our singing performance we will be doing this week. We had a good practice and Im pretty darn excited to sing some carols and these Bayerisch carols are something else Ive got to say, it should be great though. Anyway so we come back to Rosenheim and come out of the train station and usually go straight into the city. We both knew we had still our Book of Mormon to give out for the day and as we came out I had the feeling to take a right. I knew that not many people walk on that street and we would have a better chance with more people if we went right into the city but it came again to go right. So we went and didnt see anyone on the street, then came up on the other side of the street someone and we decided to go across and talked to him. He too accepted a Book of Mormon and it was just the neatest thing ever! I love how we can make achievable goals that we want to achieve and so we are concentrated on them throughout the week and then the neat thing is that only with the Lords help our they achievable. Saturdays unfortunately we didnt give one out as we had our Ward Christmas Party and a couple other appointments where we didnt have the time but we still did our best in doing so with the time given. But the week wasnt up yet we still had Sunday to give out the book for that day and then also forSaturday. In our time of contacting the first person we talked to accepted the Book of Mormon and then lets just say we had a lot of turned down invitations and wasnt looking like it was going to happen. With 15 minutes left we decided to prayer and asked for the help we needed to give out this last Book of Mormon in our goal we had set for the week. As walking home and our last person we talked to we had the opportunity to share our testimony of how this special book has helped out in our life and promised the same blessing for them. They accepted and we had done it! As we set righteous goal and trust that the Lord will help as we asked for it, miracles will happen!
The Christmas Party was great as we had some non members and less actives there. It was a neat time with them and the members. We actually got a surpise sack of gifts from the ward! It was so nice, I will have to send you a pic of our tree and many presents. The 4 Elders were called up and on the spot they asked us to sing some American Christmas songs so off we went with we wish you a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, and Rudolph. It was a great time and ward activities are so great for non members. Unfortunately Rita and Samra wasnt there but Marius did make it. Marius is making great progress as he has come to church the last 4 weeks in a row and we have been meeting with him through out the week. This week we will be starting a Stop Smoking program with him and we hope that goes well! Updates on Rita, we went by Tuesday night to see if we could make out an appointment and she said that she would like to take a break. She said we could call in a week so we will be giving her a call this week. Her son came up for the weekend and this week we left it up to the Lord and everyone prayers. Thanks for all your prayers for her! Samra has gotten a job and is working everyday and it has been hard to meet with her. We will probably changed her date as we wont be able to teach everything we need to but the desire is still there! We received a referral this week from Headquarters and went by and we have an appointment this next week! We hope we see success from that as its neat that they show the beginning interest to meet. Its an exciting time and there is always those ready to hear the gospel. What a great gift it is especially at this time of year to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know its true and I know it helps everyone in every situation.
Love you all so very much and hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Jerman

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