Monday, December 23, 2013

The Prince of Peace

Its been great hearing from you today and it gets me excited for Wednesday. I cant believe we will be able to Skype and how fun it will be. It has just been a great time to be a missoinary and we have had a great week. To start things off on Tuesday we had a zone Christmas Devotional and President and Sister Miles came as well. At the beginning we played chimes to different Christmas songs, we then discussed tradtions and the many different ones we have. It was a great time to looked back on memories of family traditions and I am so grateful for all the wonderful ones we have! We had an white elephant exchanged and then ate lunch. Afterwards President and Sister Miles spoke with us about having Christ image in our countenance by developing Christlike Attributes. How neat it is that we can share the light of Christ to others even through our example and who we are and the way we live and serve others. It was a great meeting. We had German class that night with Marius and we actually translated passages out of the Book of Mormon, it was perfect. We met with him the next morning and had a good lesson and it was neat to have him share and open up about his life and how he has developed faith. It helped strengthen my faith and I love how our faith can be strengthend through others and hearing the words of Christ. We committed him to come to our Stop Smoking program on Friday but he had family and coudnt make it. This week we will committ him for the beginnig of the year so he can be ready for baptism. It was pretty neat because we still did this program with an investigator from the other two Elders. Its an awesome program and it has things you have to follow exactly or you cant go on. Its neat we can be there and help these people stop this bad habit but they have got to want it and its their descission we are there for support and helping them when they want it. It gives one step where they have to bring their cigarettes and crush them and this investigator couldnt do it. We had to end and will just love and try it again once he is ready. Its a great progam. 
We got in contact with Samra this week! She has been working everyday for the last while and she has the Christmas break off and so we met with her just yesterday and had a great lesson. We had to move her baptismal date because it was going to be for this weekend but since we havent met lately we had to move it but its so neat she still has the desire to get baptized. We called Rita this week and no answer but got a text the next day that she will be out of town at her parents for the weekend and on to Budapest for Christmas. Saturday night we wanted to just drop off a Christmas card and so her light on so we rang and she got to talk with her just at the door step quick and wished her a Merry Christmas. After the new year we will see how she really is doing and if we can reset a new date with her. 
We had a neat experience with a potential we found last week. We called him up this week and he said he wanted to meet and he said, name a place and time and I am there. So this next weekend after Christmas we will be meeting with him. Its great that there is always people out there ready to hear the gospel. Also this week we had the chance a couple times to sing Christmas songs. I love it and especially Bayerisch Christmas songs! We sang with the other Elders in our district and some members at a old folkes home just like in the atumn. We also sang in Sacrement meeting with the choir, we had a great meeting with some muscial numbers as well. Such a neat time to ponder and think about Christ during beautiful Christmas music. 
I wünsche euch eine frohe Weihnacthen! I know Christ is the Redeemer and Savior of the World. He is the Prince of Peace and through him we can feel that peace especially in this wonerful time. 
Hope you have a great week and I will see you on Wednesday!! 
Love you so much,
Elder Jerman
 Elder Smith and I doing service in clothes that were given to us to do service                      - we are looking good!

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