Monday, December 2, 2013

Its December

 Hey Family! 
Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving down in sunny St. George. Great to hear from you and also see some pictures. You guys are sure growing up and great you could spend some good time together with the family. It was a great week here in Rosenheim. We are seeing miracles happen and I am so grateful for God and his wonderful work. Elder Seamons had his last couple days here in Rosenheim and Wednesday we met one last time with Samra and Rita. It went good but they were sad to see him go. We actually stayed a little too long and had to run to the train station to catch a train to Munich but we missed it. It was actually just me that missed it! We got the approval that Elder Seamons would stay the night in Rosenheim with the other two Elders and I would ride by myself to Munich. It was a little weird but just kept myself busy speaking with people on the train and it worked out perfect because I took another train a little later but it was meant to be. I spoke with a lady actually from Canada that was on a trip her and it was her last day before coming back, we had a good conversation and at the end I gave her a card and asked if she actually knew any Mormons and she said she used to be one. Neat to be able to talk with her and hopefully sparked something from within. Also on that train ride, talked to a women who met with the Missionaries 5 years ago in another city. There are people out there who have received the message and have not expected it but there is always a way the Lord is preparing them for the right time!

Wednesday night getting into Munich was great as I saw my companion from the MTC that I hadnt seen since that first day, so fun to catch up with him and other missionaries. We went to the mission home and met the Goldens and had dinner and then all sat in a circle and us trainers got to introduce our area and then a Golder was assigned to us. Elder Jordan Smith from Delta Utah is here in Rosenheim with me!! He is real great and its pretty crazy as he is just 18 years old just out of high school. We will have a great time together though and learn lots together, I am excited to learn, serve and love. Its kind of neat looking back to my first days here in Germany and seen the progress both from German and my knowledge of the Gospel. I am so thankful that we are here on this earth to learn and grow everyday!
So to the miracle part now, the good part! Its been neat how its all played out how its all played out and also what I have been studying. The enabling power of the Atonement is a real power and we can and do receive both persistence and strength not to get out of a trial but instead what we need to make it through it. As we pray and fast with faith, I am here to stay that miracles do happen. We have both in our mission as a whole and also in our ward prayed and fasted together for missionary work in this last little bit. I have seen the power of unity in it. With Samra and her family that were having problems staying in the country and money problems, everything worked into place how it needed to and they are able to stay here. With Rita as we just met with her yesterday night she told us how her doubts and worries are gone and she feels confident and ready for this in her life. She said, "I want that" as we talked about baptism and the promised blessings from it. Its so neat how the Atonement has the power to changed a persons heart and desires. We are so excited for Rita and cant wait for her to be baptized, what a special time for her especially in this Christmas season. This message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings joy and hope to all who listen, believe and act. Let us all strengthen our belief in this wonderful time of year. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 
Liebe Grüße,  (It means literally, "dear greetings."  Very similar to "warmest regards." Or something like that.)
Elder Jerman
November 2013,  Mission Home to pick up new "Golden" Elder Smith

Trainer/1st companion, Elder Merkley, Elder Jerman, new "Golden" Elder Smith

Elder Jerman and Elder Miller (from AF and just out of Preston, England MTC)            So fun to have transfer day and see other elders also getting transfered that haven't seen each other for a while and meet back together. Munich train station is also ready for Christmas!!

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