Monday, June 10, 2013

A Message for Everyone!

Meine Familie!
Ah another great week in the work has come by and what a week it has been. There has been quite a bit that has happened and some new changes that will be taking place this next week. Lets see how will I can spell this all out, I will do my best. Okay I think I will start out with the biggest news going around which is transfers. These last 12 weeks (my first 12 weeks) we have been doing the training program and this last week was the last week of the training. We received transfer calls on Friday morning, before hand we were pretty sure Elder Merkley was going to leave the area because he has been here for 8 months now and that is pretty rare for one area. We didnt know what to expect and then the call came and we received what will be happening for at least the next 6 weeks. Elder Merkley will be going to Passau and will be training once again. I am going to stay here in Heilbronn and receive a new Elder. Elder Lappalainen is his name and what is crazy is he was in the same MTC district as me!! We know each other! I mean, this is just crazy! Transfer will be this Thursday and then we will go to work as two very young missionaries! Ah I am so excited and pumped up! It sure will be tough at times with the language and not knowing everything aobut missionary work but as we rely on the strength of the Lord I know we will learn and grow together. It will be a great time, a time of faith testing!
It has been a great time these last 12 weeks to work with Elder Merkley. He has taught me a lot and cant wait to put it to work as he moves on. He is really good at street contacting and I have learned a lot from him in that area and so it will be great to see how it goes without him. It has also just been so fun to learn from him and listen to what he has to say. He has a lot of good knowledge aobut the gospel and also about missionary work. Sometimes in companion study I set back and just love to take in all what he is saying and wish everyone could here what he is saying. Things like member work, finding and teachig. Just a very wise missionary. Our relationship has grown through the weeks and we have had a good time with another telling stories and really becoming friends. It will be sad to see him go but good as well to start new. Change is always good. 
Yesterday we had Stake Conference in Stuttgart and the Stake Präsident was tallking about change and how we need to change from good to better to the best. If we want to change we cant just be putting in the same input. We will get out what we put in. We need to change if we want a different output, a better output! We also had a 70ty there that talked to us. It was fun to have him speak in English and then have a translator translate. (Good German practice) But he had a really good message of drilling and how we have been given the area to drill to find that pure and beautiful water and that we cant give up on our drilling to quench our thirst and receive that water (or answer to a prayer) Keep drilling and we will be blessed! It was a great time to be with so many members gathered all together. 
Kind of a neat short miracle story was Saturday we had a finding day in Ludwigsburg and while we were going around talking with people someone said, "Hey Elders!" That hardly ever happens because so few people know about us, a lot of people think we are Jehovah's Witnesses. But anyways we went and talked to him and found out he was a less active and hasnt been to church for quite some time, we invited him to come to the Stake Conference and he did! Just neat to know that we can always be helping people in their lives. Something to go along with that this week was I really understood how cool it really is that no matter where you are in the world you can impact the lives of others because of the message of Jesus Christ we have to share. One day this week we wanted to go by on a less active, we had the name of the dorf (small city) but werent quite sure where it was. We took the S-bahn to one city and then a bus to the dorf and there we found out it was in a dorf inside the dorf. So we are talking about a very small dorf! We had to walk there and it was about a 2 mile walk but we were determined to visit this less active. And good thing we are in Germany because the walk was so pretty with the fields of Germany surrounding you! We finally got there and visited her but she had no interest with the church right now which was a bummer but then we went around to door. Someone was working in their garten and saw us waiting at their neighbors doorstep. She asked us if we were looking for "Familie so and so" we told her we were just going around sharing a message and she was interested so let us in and we had a good long talk with her and her husband. While we were there I just lot to myself how crazy it was that we were here in a dorf of a dorf talking about Jesus Christ and his gospel. Its so great to know this gospel really is for everyone! 
Im afraid thats all the time I have for this week, I love you guys and hope you have a great week! 
Especially you Alicia, Happy Birthday! Herzlich Glücklwunsch zum Gerburtstag! 
Liebe Güße,
Elder Jerman

June 6, 2013

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