Friday, February 22, 2013

handwritten letter from Elder Jerman

Dear Family,

Hey, I've got a little time right now. so I will write to you.  I know how exciting it is to receive a letter so I will return the favor.  We are doing laundry right now and it is about 10:45.  Our morning try at 6:00 didn't really work out.  This place is just crawling with people!

It's great though and I'm getting this new schedule down.  So fun to see the new missionaries come on Wednesday!  The food is good and I've been sleeping well.  Still just me and my companion in our room.  I thought on Wednesday we would get roommates but I guess they haven't figured out yet that it's just the two of us.  Haven't had any weird dreams yet.  The only unusual one was being under ground at a water slide park that was all cement.

Gym is fun!  I run a mile every day and then play 4-square and volleyball.  Both are so fun!

Hey, I just met an Elder here in the laundry room from Arizona and he knows our cousin Jacob Jerman.  How fun!  
 I do believe his 
 is Elder Nelson.  Small world.

Classes are great.  We are in there a lot of the day, but I'm learning so much.  The German is coming along great.  I't so fun!  German could be the sweetest language ever!  We'll ta ta for now.

Love hearing from you.  It's so fun to get letters as a missionary!

Love every single one of you!

Keep up the good work and I'll do the same!

Love, Elder Jason Jerman

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